Mille: Female Eclectus Parrot
Female Eclectus
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                  Bird Sounds & Vocalizations from the Aviary

As social animals, the birds at the Hamilton Aviary love to receive attention for the sounds they produce. Some of the vocalizations mimic humans speech, whereas other vocalizations are simply the natural sounds produced by the varied bird species at the Aviary.

We are pleased to be able to share with fellow bird-lovers some of the many bird vocalization available at our facilities.

Baby, our Moluccan Cockatoo, loves company, and is not afraid to squawk for you to pay attention to him.

  Baby saying, "Hello."

  Baby squawking

Beautiful and intelligent, Dwight, a Catalina Macaw, is one of the most friendly birds at the Aviary.

  Dwight saying, "Hello."

  Dwight cooing.

  Dwight saying, "Bye-Bye."

Sydney is our delightful Senegal parrot, who loves human attention.

  Sydney squeeking

  Cute 'Dwoop' sound from Sydney

Flint, our African Grey Timneh, has one of the most varied set of vocalizations at the Hamilton Aviary.

  Flint saying, "You're a pretty bird."

  Flint saying, "Come here."

  Flint mumbling.

  Flint saying, "Good afternoon."

  Flint laughing.

  Flint 'hmming'.

  A 'clicking' sound from Flint.

  'Cat-calls' from Flint.

Sinbad, is our Double-Yellow Amazon.

  Sinbad 'cawing'.

Coco. Our 'closet' talker caught on tape. He really only talks when no one is there... so the microphone did it's work.

  Coco 'squeeking'.

  Coco vocalization.


  Snowball saying, "Hello."

  Snowball saying, "Peek-a-boo."

Caol, a male Eclectus. has vastly different colourings from the female couterparts (see Millie, below).

  Caol saying, "Hello".

  Caol whistling.

  Caol with a 'cat-call'.

Beautiful Male Peacock in Full Display.

  Male peacock vocalization.

One of our Roosters.

  Rooter crowing.

Mille, a female Eclectus, has vastly different colourings from the male couterparts (see Caol, above).

  Mille saying, "Hello."

Rocky, an Orange-Winged Amazon.

  Rocky 'purring'.

  Rocky vocalization.