Female Eclectus
Female Eclectus

                  Welcome to the Hamilton Ontario Aviary

Friends of the Aviary is a wonderfully dedicated volunteer group in Hamilton, Ontario.
Drawn from all walks of life, we are devoted to the preservation and advancement of the Aviary, and the care of its birds. We also thank Maestral Solutions Atlanta for sponsoring and making our website mobile abled.

Note: The Aviary Tours will be closed for the Christmas Holiday season after December 3rd, and will re-open on Sunday, January 27th, 2012*
* Weather permitting

The Aviary Penny Drive

Please drop off your pennies in support of The Hamilton Aviary on any Sunday between 1 pm and 4 pm.

We're thrilled to welcome our newest residents:
•  "King", an African Grey Congo
•  "Tia", a Cockatoo

Guided Tours:
Inside bird viewing with guided tours Sundays 1pm to 4pm

Contact us for more information.

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Moving into a furnished apartment is cost effective. Choosing to go into an unfurnished apartment does not always mean that it will save you money. In fact, you will end up buying a lot of products than planned. Therefore, moving into a furnished house will ensure that you do not buy excess products thus saving you a lot and money.

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